Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Perfect Marriage (JOKING OF COURSE)

Just wanted to take a second and write about Sam and I. We love being married! But I must confess that I have minor break downs the second I feel tension or the enemy knocking at our door. You see I have an idol: I want the perfect marriage. I detest conflict of any sort with anyone. I would absolutely love it if I never had a problem with anyone in my life ever again. I would love to have the perfect marriage! Who wouldn't?! But it doesn't exist, and I am not sad about it because we have Jesus to hold us together.

Sam and I both know that satan has it out for every marriage out there. We are usually pretty quick to recognize the enemies attacks.  Last night I was up late on facebook and I found myself comparing my marriage with other marriages; people I don't even know! Satan took that and ran with it. I was up way too late fighting his stinking lies. But my husband is great and Jesus is even better. Sam and I woke up with coffee and humble hearts before our Great God. He redeems us and makes us new and binds Sam and I closer together each day. I think our generation has a little problem with intagram, facebook, blogging, and pinterest; we post so much of the sappy great moments but how often are we really raw with each other. Since I am new at this blog thing I just wanted to clear the air that our marriage is not perfect! We DO LOVE each other deeply. I will be posting pictures like crazy of us kissing and smiling.


  1. You just set a lot of people free.....God answered my prayers when he gave you to Sam!!

  2. You are my new hero! I have been reading "Daring Greatly" by Brene' Brown. You may already be familiar with her as a social worker. She taught at U of H and I have had the privilege of hearing her speak. She is a sought after author and speaker. Anyway the premise of the book is based on her research on vulnerability and stepping into the mess of life by being real.

    I love you and appreciate your willingness to DARE GREATLY!!!